403 Tech Restores Productivity For Slimwell Weight Loss Clinic Quickly & Effectively!

When Slimwell Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic needed a network infrastructure refresh, without being locked into a year-long service contract, 403Tech got the job done right for a fair price. Slimwell Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic is a leader in the Canadian health and weight loss industry, with two small clinic locations – one in Calgary and…

When Slimwell Weight Loss And Wellness Clinic Needed A Network Infrastructure Refresh, Without Being Locked Into A Year-Long Service Contract, 403Tech Got The Job Done Right For A Fair Price.

Slimwell Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic is a leader in the Canadian health and weight loss industry, with two small clinic locations – one in Calgary and one in Ontario. The Slimwell Program is designed to help clients lose weight safely, quickly and efficiently with the help of carefully designed injection programs that include extensive personalized coaching and emotional support for clients across the country. An efficient and reliable network infrastructure is fundamental not only to the promotion and sales of the Slimwell program, but also to facilitate consultations and coaching sessions.

Calgary IT Support

Unfortunately, the Slimwell office in Calgary was experiencing challenges with intermittent WIFI and Ethernet networking that was causing numerous gaps in connection. The old and unreliable set-up was causing high periods of downtime where sales and productivity were halted. Because the connection is the lifeline of business at Slimwell, their team required a system repair that would continuously keep business up and run, without issue.

The Situation: The Need for A System Repair to Keep Business Running

To fix the networking issues that we’re dealing with, the team at Slimwell began searching for the right tech experts to get the repair done efficiently. Dr. Tony Bruno, MD, says that they started contacting different tech providers in Calgary to explain their situation. “I explained to the providers that we are a small clinic, with a few computers, no servers and that we were dealing with a less than perfect networking set-up that needed to be fixed.” Given the size of the Slimwell clinic and the lack of a server to monitor, Dr. Bruno was looking for a provider to come in and provide a one-time solution that would last – there was no need for a monthly service and support contract.

“The first responses from providers that we got were disappointing.” Bruno continues. “They understood our problems and knew how to fix them, but wouldn’t implement anything unless we signed on for a 12-month contract, for roughly $1,000 each month. It just didn’t make sense for us.” It wasn’t until Dr. Bruno connected with the team at 403Tech that they found the partner who would provide exactly what they needed and nothing that they didn’t.

The Solution: Partnering With 403Tech for an Efficient, Stand-Alone Repair and No Monthly Fees

As soon as 403Tech heard about the networking issues that Slimwell was facing, their team of experts worked quickly to:

  • Get onsite to gather facts, connect with compatible hardware and ISP vendors and develop a useful and detailed understanding of the networking landscape and issues.
  • Identify the cause of the issue and use best practices to fix the problem where it started.
  • Reset the system and repair the existing equipment to provide much speedier WIFI and more consistent internet access.

“The team from 403Tech was a breath of fresh air,” Bruno says. “They came in, assessed the situation and fixed the problem. They didn’t require that we sign a monthly service contract and because their team is skilled and competent, they got the problem solved quickly and for a fair price. It would have increased costs exponentially to partner with the other providers we spoke to, and all for monitoring services, we didn’t need. 403Tech fixed all the hardware and completed all necessary labor quickly and more efficiently.”

403Tech listened to Dr. Bruno and came to understand the specific technology solutions that Slimwell Weightloss and Wellness Clinic required. They didn’t tack on hidden fees or try and lock the clinic down with an additional service contract – they focused intently on restoring access so Slimwell could maintain productivity and profitability. The 403Tech team only applied their expertise to solve the problem and remain ready and willing to offer further break-fix support to Slimwell as needed.

“403Tech will undoubtedly be the provider we contact if and when we ever experience further issues or require tech consultation,” Bruno says. “I would recommend them to anyone. They are courteous, efficient and offer tailored services for a fair price.” 

No matter the job, 403Tech is a reliable IT support and consultation partner, committed to providing clear and concise solutions tailored to their client’s needs. 403Tech offers an extensive range of IT consulting services to aid your business with Managed Services, Backup, and Recovery, Cloud Services, IT Consulting & Projects, Hosted Office 365 email and VOIP. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact us on (888) 270-9053.

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