Without A Doubt, Cloud-Based Services Are All
The Rage Among Individual Consumers And
Major Organizations Alike.

Seemingly every other day or so, there is news about yet another incident relating to cyber crime and compromised IT security. While large organizations are the main targets of cyber crime, small & medium businesses are in no way safe from the likes of cyber criminals. In order to ensure the security and privacy of their data and information, all businesses need to “step up their game” so to speak when it comes to IT security and cyber security.

While most large organizations have the money, resources, and time to make upgrades and improvements when it comes to IT security and cyber security, many small & medium businesses struggle to improve their IT security and cyber security so that it can measure up to and adequately face the cyber threats of today. Fortunately, 403Tech has recognized this major dilemma that many small & medium businesses face. Therefore, we have made it a priority to provide quality IT security services to businesses that serve 5 to 50 users.

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Scaling the Cloud

403Tech permits the small & medium businesses it serves to scale up or scale down their use of cloud services at a moment’s notice. This ensures that our clients will only have to pay for what they need, nothing more and nothing less. It also means that our clients will only pay a fraction of what it would cost to own the necessary infrastructure and pay for the necessary manpower themselves.

Our Cloud Services

Our cloud services give our clients an inexpensive and easy way to store and protect their data. We help our clients set up backup systems, servers, and networking in the cloud. More detail about the services 403Tech provides is discussed below:

Cloud Spam Filtering

403Tech provides services related to cloud spam filtering, such as email continuity, email spam filtering, and signature management.

Cloud Backup

We provide a file level backup service with unlimited retention. This allows for data recovery after a disaster. The local vault and offsite restoration to cloud server allows for a quick restore.

Cloud Email

Keeping your email on the cloud is not only convenient, but also secure. Our cloud email services will allow you to exchange your email mailbox and calendars with shared contacts. The Microsoft Office program will always be the most up-to-date version.

Cloud Antivirus

Our antivirus software is management-free and will scan computers daily to keep the system secure. This software is better than the average antivirus because it blocks websites deemed unsafe and asks for user approval before permitting the website to load.

Cloud Servers

Clients can pay a monthly fee for support and uptime of cloud servers.

Cloud Phone Systems

Clients can pay a monthly fee for pure VoIP phone calling with features like caller ID voicemail, call forwarding, voicemail-to-email dictation, and call attendant.

Cloud Document Management

This service will help clients keep track of their passwords and assets. The easy-to-use online portal will allow for the sharing of network topology diagrams.

Cloud Security

This service will provide DNS-level protection against malware, spyware, phishing, botnets, and the crypto virus. It also provides the fastest route to a destination through top-level DNS servers. This service will allow clients to block certain websites from access by employees.
Cloud services can offer small & medium businesses the opportunity to boost their performance and productivity seemingly exponentially. If you’re interested in our cloud services, don’t hesitate to contact 403Tech by email or phone for more information or a consultation.

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